"I was very satisfied with the treatment I received and my hemorrhoids are 100% better!" - A.S. Alwood

"After six treatments by Dr. Bush at Advanced Hemorrhoid Care, my discomfort has disappeared! I highly recommend the treatments by Dr. Bush and the positive results that I experienced!" - B. Koch

"I suffered on a daily basis for seventeen years with a post partum failed hemorrhoidectomy. ... Dr. Bush and his staff have resolved my hemorrhoids by at least more than 90%!! I have no more pain and the internal pressure has resolved. I can run, lift weights, and resume living life to the fullest! I cannot put into words how grateful I am to Dr. Bush for his gifts as a healer and his skill as a physician" - L.Peerenboom

"Dr. Bush is a kind, compassionate doctor, fully knowledgeable and highly skilled. He explained my problem to me and the treatment process. He is quite gifted in what he does and the treatment he uses. I feel he fully cured me. I can't thank him enough. Ann is a terrific office manager and a very caring soul. Also, Pam the nurse is a truly compassionate and wonderful person. I wish all my doctors were like Dr. Bush. He makes a great friend and a doctor. The whole experience was definitely worth every penny. I will never forget you Dr. Bush and your staff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Dr. A. Zimmerman

"Let me be one of a large number of people taking this advanced hemorrhoid care. It beats surgery anytime. It's outpatient and painless. I recommend it to anybody needing hemorrhoid treatment." - M. Vasquez

"I highly recommend Dr. Bush at Advanced Hemorrhoid Care. Dr. Bush and his staff make the treatment of hemorrhoids as pleasant and painless as humanly possible" - G. Walker

"I was advised by my urologist in Oro Valley to go to AHC and have been surprised and pleased with the care I have received from Dr. Bush and his friendly staff. I was at first somewhat skeptical that the type of laser treatment that was used could be effective, but I have found that it is. I am extremely pleased with both the procedure, Dr. Bush, and his staff and would recommend them with no reservations whatsoever." - R. Locker

"I tried cremes and warm soaks with no relief. I then called my primary care physician who prescribed a medication which did nothing to help. Next my primary care physician referred me to a gastroenterologist, whose recommendation was surgery. Fortunately, I saw an ad from Dr. Bush's office and avoided surgery with a 95% improvement after 6 treatments. I would recommend Advanced Hemorrhoid Care to anyone suffering from hemorrhoids and wanting to avoid the risk and lack of a guaranteed outcome that comes with surgery. Dr. Bush and his staff are very pleasant to work with and offer a wonderful alternative to conventional treatment." - A. Krohn

"In the event of future problems, I would not hesitate to return to Dr. Bush for additional treatments. He is very professional explaining the treatment and his conduct of the treatments." - D. E. Harper

"Dear Dr. Bush, It was a pleasure to have you take such gentle care of my problem over the past six weeks. Thank you. I surely appreciated it, and would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone in need. It's a joy to see a doctor's smiling face when entering the room to care for the patient. I have not seen many friendly smiles on most doctors. If I find that I need continued care from you, I shall make an appointment. Respectfully - E. H. Rode .. P.S. - Your staff is also very friendly."

"I was very pleased with the staff and Dr. Bush for the treatments I received. Dr. Bush took me through the steps of what hemorrhoids were and the treatment that was necessary. I elected this over regular surgery (which I was told to be severely painful on recovery). After three visits, I had no pain and itching was nil. I have now been released and feel that this treatment is a lot better than any surgery could have been. Thank You!" - C. H. Reed, Jr.

"I testify I am blessed and God is good! 100% Dr. M. K. Bush, MD, God's special gifts, his healing hands are unique, deep spirituality, help the needy and less fortunate, peace and tranquility, love, care, compassion, soft-spoken, jovial, kind, meek, humble, simple, free, happy, exquisite ambience, clean, comfortable, calm, cool, released. I am 100% HEALED! Ann has a soft angelic voice which is very soothing. Reliable, efficient, polite, exceptional, and very understanding. Pam's love, warmth, smiles, soft hands, and kind excellent service and love for humanity. Doctor, God bless you abundantly, long life, good health, and prosperity from the depth of my heart. Deepest gratitude my beloved family!" - J. Holder

"Having pain for about nine months, I found Advanced Hemorrhoid Care in The Foothills Magazine. After six treatments, I feel wonderful. Following Dr. Bush's instructions has really improved the quality of my life. I recommend trying this non-surgical solution." - E. E. Dailey

Thank you to all of our patients for your kind words. It's been a pleasure working with you and we wish you the best of health and a happy, hemorrhoid-free life. - Ann, Pam, and Dr. Michael Bush, MD.